What We Do…

In essence, we act as a full-service HR Department for those companies that do not practically require a full-time HR professional – yet need to make sure that they are compliant in all areas. The HR Health Check Questionnaire below pretty well outlines the kinds of concerns we can help with. Take a moment or two to consider the questions and then determine if the answers you give line up with your expectations for your company.

There is no obligation – in fact, this form is for your eyes only. It is simply a handy tool to help you determine if the services of a Human Resources Specialist would be helpful.


HR Health Check Questionnaire

Small and medium sized companies often find themselves faced with complicated people issues that fall outside their area of expertise.  Without dedicated HR Professional in their organization they risk having to spend a great deal of valuable time dealing with these issues or worse, finding out that they have run afoul of government legislation or are faced with the potential of third party representation; sometimes without being aware of either.  This brief evaluation will provide you with an idea of where your current HR Policies and Practices may need some review and revision.  A more detailed evaluation can be conducted by a third party like Taff Consulting.  In fact we can be your “go to” resource for all HR issues that may arise, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best by doing what we do best.

  Yes No Not Sure

Do you have a competency based hiring process?

Do you have competency based job descriptions for all positions?

Is your reference checking process tied to the rest of the hiring process?

Do you have an effective orientation program?

Do you use behavioural questions when interviewing?

Employee Relations

Do you have a comprehensive Policy and Procedure manual?

Do you have a progressive discipline policy?

Are you compliant with Bill 168?

Do you have an effective employee complaint process?

Do you have a plan to avoid third party representation of your employees?

Do you have a central repository for all employee records?

Do your HR Policies, practices and processes conform to the Employment standards Act?

Is there a legal review prior to any terminations?

Performance Management

Do you have a Competency Based Performance Appraisal process that is integrated with the staffing process?

Do all employees clearly understand their role and responsibilities within the organization?

Is it clear to all employees what expectations are with respect to behaviour, confidentiality and use of social media?

Is there a written policy on termination of employment?

Do you currently have unaddressed performance issues in your organization?

Compensation and Benefits

Are your salaries and benefits competitive in your industry, and your recruitment catchment area?

Do your current overtime working hours and pay conform to Employment standards?

Do you have pay for performance program?

Do your current compensation practices make it difficult to hire?

Workforce Planning

Are you able to spend most of your time dealing with strategic issues that are important to the growth of your business?

Does your current organization structure provide you with the best opportunity to grow your business?

Are you getting the most out of your employees?

Do your employees have development plans?

Do you have a Succession Plan in place?

If you got hit by a truck tomorrow, would your business survive?


Safety and Health

Do you have a Health and Safety Committee or Joint Health and Safety Committee in place?

Do you have an employee evacuation plan in case of emergency?

Is all Ministry of Labour information visible, current and accessible to all employees?

Do you regularly hold Health and Safety training sessions?

Are your NEER Costs under control?


Please Note: There is no option to submit your answers to Taff Consulting. We do not collect your information unless you wish to share it with us. This Questionnaire is provided simply as an internal checklist to help you determine if you may or may not have need of our services. If you are uncomfortable with the number of "No" or "Not Sure" answers, we would be happy to talk to you further. Contact Colin MacGregor, Senior HR Consultant, for an initial assessment without obligation.